The Dorset Quarry is known locally, nationally and – thanks to the Internet – internationally as a wonderful swimming hole. During the summer, hundreds of people visit the quarry on any sunny day.

Most people don’t realize that the Dorset Quarry is private property. It belongs to Dick and Kirsten McDonough. For years, the McDonoughs have worked tirelessly to keep the quarry area clean and safe for families. They have landscaped the property, worked with the town to provide an orderly parking area, picked up trash, removed graffiti, and done everything they can think of to maintain this unique and historic feature of Dorset’s past and present.

The Dorset Chamber of Commerce would like to help the Mc Donoughs by forming a “Friends of the Dorset Quarry” group. The Friends – not just Chamber members but also neighbors from the wider community – would volunteer some of their time and energy to clean the area regularly and assist with occasional planting efforts directed by the property owners. The Chamber can’t do the work alone – but together as “Friends” we can.

Go to the Friends of the Dorset Quarry’s Facebook Page and hit ‘Like’ for Updates

Anyone interested in volunteering a bit of their time to maintaining the Dorset Quarry should contact the Dorset Chamber. The email address is The more friends that help, the easier it will be for all.

Friends who would prefer to assist financially can send gifts payable to Dorset Chamber of Commerce, memo “Quarry fund” to PO Box 121, Dorset VT 05251.

Let’s keep the Dorset Quarry beautiful for the next 100 years.

Roger Squire

President, Dorset Chamber of Commerce