Day Trips

Some of the area’s most interesting attractions are just a bit under the radar. Things like artisan cheese makers, custom lampshades, specialty fibers, bat caves, and Dorset’s local swimming-hole (formerly a marble quarry). Ask your innkeeper for tips on what to see.

Remember, Vermont isn’t just cows and maple syrup. There are countless things to see and do that will make your visit to Dorset memorable. Below are links to a few suggestions:

Maxfield Parrish, 19th Century Silicon Valley,
Designer Glass, Sculpture and Beer

Southern Vermont’s Connecticut River Valley region is a scenic 1-3/4 hour drive from Dorset. Here are some interesting things to see and do in the Windsor-Cornish (NH) area.MORE

Shelburne Museum Day
If you like American antiques, American folk art, and other items from America’s earlier days, the very best collection anywhere is at the Shelburne Museum. Here’s how to get there from Dorset. MORE

Dirt Roads Adventure Day (not in winter, not for sissies)
One of the best things about the Dorset area is its vast network of dirt roads through the back country. Here’s an outline of a dirt road adventure that will provide wonderful views of Vermont countryside. MORE

Art Day
You might want to break this trip into two days, because you’ll want to spend time in each of these museums. (By the way, this is just a small sample of the art museums that are within an easy drive from Dorset.) MORE

Cheese Day
Yes, agriculture is an important part of the Vermont economy. One aspect of local farming that is really booming is cheese making. Here are several fascinating cheese makers that you can visit when you come to Dorset. There are many more. MORE