A panel of independent judges selected prize winners in the “professional” and “amateur” categories for Dorset’s first annual gingerbread house contest.  Cash prizes of $250 were awarded to winners in both categories.

First prize in the “professional” class went to Jamison R. Kendrick , chef at the Dorset Inn.  Jamison’s gingerbread house features a fanciful puff of smoke – fashioned from marshmallows – emerging from its chimney.

Mandy Mayer of Rupert won first prize in the “amateur” category for her “clock tower” gingerbread house, a highly-detailed confection on display at Berkshire Bank’s branch on Church Street in Dorset.  Ms. Mayer, who has crafted elaborate gingerbread houses as a hobby for several years, created an amazing vertical structure with a vivid clock near the top, and intricate patterns in the siding.  Every bit is edible.

Seven gingerbread houses were submitted for the contest.  They will be on display through January 5.  Gingerbread houses can be viewed at 3 Pears Gallery on Church Street, the Kitchen Store at J.K. Adams, H.N. Williams Store, Barrows House, and Long Trail School, as well as the prize-winners at Berkshire Bank and the Dorset Inn.

“We invite everyone to view these creations and submit ‘Selfies with Gingerbread’ on the Dorset Chamber’s Facebook page,” said Roger Squire, president of the Dorset Chamber of Commerce, the sponsoring organization.  “There will be a random drawing from the Selfie submissions, with a gift certificate from HN Williams as the prize.”



Photo caption:  Kit Wallace and Dawn Adams-Rea of the Dorset Chamber award prizes to (top photo) Mandy Mayer and (bottom photo) Jamison Kendrick for their gingerbread houses.  (photos – Greg Cutler)