A Year-Round On-Going Scavenger Hunt In and Around Dorset Vermont

Rules:  Use your smart-phone to create a “selfie” with the scavenger items. To win a prize, submit photos to the Scavenger Hunt Committee via e-mail at chamber@dorsetvt.com – No incomplete entries will be considered.  Prizes are of dubious quality and value, and need not be declared on your tax return.  Some scavenger items are obscure or require local knowledge. Deal with it. Participants agree to assume all risks associated with this activity.

*On private property.  Photo must be taken from the road.

  1. 3-lb. brook trout, swimming
  2. The Pinnacle
  3. View of Dorset Peak, in stained glass
  4. Bill Wilson’s grave
  5. Water wheel*
  6. Miniature Greek temple*
  7. Rolling pin
  8. Historical Marker
  9. Six-foot chunk of marble
  10. Antique typewriter
  11. Cellphone tower
  12. Restaurant menu
  13. Horse liniment
  14. Bumper sticker advocating a political position