Dorset Events

Dorset Tractor Parade

Nov 29 2019 - Nov 29 2019 • Time: 5 p.m. For the Family and The Dorset Green

A favorite annual event, spectators fill The Dorset Green and line the village streets to watch the Dorset lighted tractor parade. Bring your hats and mittens, and stop into Dorset Union Store for some hot cocoa before the parade begins at 5 p.m.

Tractors gather at H.N. Williams Store before traveling down Meadow Lane, Cheney Road, and Church Street, before circling the Dorset Green and heading back to HN Williams Store on Route 30. Anyone wishing to participate should contact the Town of Dorset at (802) 362-4571.


The Dorset Green


(802) 362-4571