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Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning Presents “The Post-Pandemic Economy”

Oct 20 2020 - Oct 20 2020 • Time: 5:30-7:00 Education & History, For the Family, and Recreation & Fitness

The Post-Pandemic Economy

Tuesday, October 20 from 5:30 pm – 7:00 pm via Zoom

Green Mountain Academy for Lifelong Learning (GMALL) welcomes economist Peter Radford to talk about the economic upheaval caused by the current pandemic, which will have long lasting effects on the economy. Whilst many of the changes in recent months may prove to be temporary, some are likely to become permanent features. The crisis has accelerated the demise of traditional retail stores; it has refocused attention on the Federal deficit; it has shown international supply chains to be vulnerable; it has emphasized the strength of high tech businesses; it has disrupted the traditional workplace; and it has brought the vulnerability of employee benefits back into the conversation. This talk will cover all these trends and more, and will take a look at what direction the economy will most likely take post-pandemic. Registration for the talk is $15 per person in advance. For more information or to register, please call 802-867-0111 or visit our website at