Welcome to Dorset

Rustic yet Elegant Charm in Vermont’s Green Mountains

With its quintessential New England character and energy, Dorset, Vermont is a four-season destination offering exceptional dining and lodging, unparalleled  year-round outdoor activities, and a vibrant arts and culture scene. Dorset’s beauty is matched only by our rich history, our residents and the diverse and welcoming businesses you will find here. We are nestled in the heart of the Vermont Valley in southwestern Vermont – where the Taconic Mountains meet the Greens. You’ll find there’s always more to discover here in Dorset. 


The original 9 hole track at Dorset Field Club is the oldest in the country


Our Home, Our Stories

East Dorset: A Mining Boom Town

By Liz Schafer. Photo courtesy of Dorset Historical Society. East Dorset (circa 1895) If you travel through East Dorset along today’s Route 7, there is little to indicate that it was once a thriving center of commerce. Old photographs from the mid-19th century show clusters of buildings – now gone – that were devoted to the quarrying, […]

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Long Trail School – A Dorset Couple’s Living Legacy

By Liz Schafer Dave and Rene Wilson love to talk about their kids; there are hundreds of them. As founders of the Long Trail School, “We have stories upon stories upon stories which we love to reminisce about and share,” says Rene. “And the absolute joy of our retirement has been the continued connection with […]

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