Dorset Event

Local Cloth Lecture & Workshop

Nov 10 2023 - Nov 10 2023 • Time: 5pm - 7pm Education & History and For the Family

Local Cloth Lecture & Workshop

Smokey House Center

Friday, November 10 at 5pm

Join us at the Natural Fiber Lab at Smokey House Center for a discussion of the processes involved in turning locally grown plant fibers into finished cloth. Participants will get a hands-on introduction to the tools and materials used in transforming bast fibers (flax and hemp) from raw straw to spinnable fiber, spun yarn, and woven cloth. Smokey House Center’s Natural Fibers researcher Andrea Myklebust will give participants a tour of the Natural Fibers Lab, and will discuss her ongoing research work with UVM’s fiber hemp program.


426 Danby Mountain Rd, Danby, VT