Oct 13 2021 •

Dorset is known for quarrying the nation’s first commercial marble. It is a very popular swimming/sunning destination. First opened in 1785 the Norcross-West Quarry is a 60 foot deep massive swimming hole home to one of the best places to spend a day in the freshwater. The quarry was America’s first marble quarry, and it supplied marble to the New York Public Library, Brown University’s library and several exquisite mansions in NYC. There are also beautiful hiking trails in the Dorset Town Forest leading to a gorgeous scenic lookout at the Gettysburg Quarry and trails leading to the Lower Prince and Klondike quarries as well as Gilbert Lookout on Owl’s Head. Dorset is located on Rte 30 and is a wonderful place to stop by if you are driving up to nearby Bromley and Stratton mountains or enjoying a weekend adventure in southern Vermont.