How to Hygge in Dorset

Jan 31 2023 • Eat, Get Outside, Shop, Stay

Dorset Bake

How to Hygge in Dorset – Winter Edition

You’ve probably seen the Instagram posts and heard the word “hygge” being tossed around. But what is it? Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah) is the Danish concept of coziness, contentment and living a slow and simple lifestyle. It’s about spending quality time with friends and family, enjoying the simple pleasures in life and getting a break from work, multitasking and technology. Think: cozy fires, enjoying nature, a good book, togetherness and delicious food.

We’re highlighting the top 10 ways to experience the hygge lifestyle this winter in Dorset and we hope you try at least one!

  1. Cozy up to a sheepskin from Levy Lamb. Hygge is all about being warm and surrounding yourself with natural materials. Levy Lamb in Dorset is just the place for a Vermont grown sheepskin.
  2. Channel the hygge spirit with a welcoming room and three-course breakfast at the Squire House. Creme brulee french toast, berry-bread pudding and buttermilk pancakes? Yes, please!
  3. Get lost in a book at the Dorset Library. Climb into one of their comfy chairs or take it home – they have a great selection of books and magazines. 
  4. You can’t hygge in the winter without having a delicious hot chocolate. Try Mettowee Mint for a special cocoa treat. Feeling extra hygge? Try it with cinnamon and cocoa sprinkled on top. 
  5. Enjoy dinner by candlelight at the Dorset Inn. Discover something delicious off their new winter menu and relax in an intimate setting with friends and family.
  6. Treat yourself (and your loved ones!) to a mouthwatering pastry from Jaymie Bakes in East Dorset. Hygge is all about indulging with moderation! 
  7. Turn off the lights and light up a candle. Soft lighting is key to a hygge environment. Find locally made beeswax candles at HN Williams
  8. Get your snowshoes on! Cutler Forest in Dorset, Merck Forest & Farmland Center in Rupert and Smokey House Center in Danby are all great places to snowshoe in winter. Bring a thermos of hot tea and keep a close eye out for winter birds. 
  9. Break out a board game to play with family and friends or better yet, join Barrows House for their weekly Trivia Night. 
  10. Gather around the woodstove. Few things are more hygge than a cozy winter fire. The Dorset Bakery has a nice spot to sit while enjoying a warm bowl of soup. 

BONUS 11: Get warm and cozy with one of the Dorset Union Store‘s many homemade soups available daily.